Workplace Strategy

What is Workplace Strategy?

Workplace strategy (also known as workplace consultancy) focuses on identifying and implementing strategic improvements in your office space. By utilising your current space through workplace design consultancy, your business can provide more value to your employees and increase business productivity.

With a wealth of experience, our in-house team can advise and guide you to create a working environment to suit your business requirements.

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How You Benefit From Workplace Strategy/Consultancy

Our workplace consultancy service is designed to identify and implement strategic improvements in your office space. By analysing the way you use your workspace, we gain measurable insights and assess your space to identify opportunities for improvement. Our in-house team of experts can then guide you through the process of creating a working environment that suits your business requirements.

At Building Interiors, we believe that workplace design consultancy is the key to successful office design. Our workplace consultancy service works hand-in-hand with all of our other services, including our office design & build service, to provide you with the best office space for you and your employees.

Analysing Your Business

We start by understanding your needs and goals as a business, as well as any other drivers that may influence the strategy.

  • Communities – by getting to know who works where and with who, we can create a performance maximised space.
  • Culture – we ensure we know who you are and what your about to make sure your space reflects this.
  • Corporation – By envisioning where your company is going to be in the future, we can be certain your work space is able to grow.

Utilising Your Space

When it comes to space, we consider three fundamental components to craft a design strategy that promotes collaboration and motivation:

  • Proximity
  • Privacy
  • Permissions

We create spaces that lead to serendipitous interactions and powerful conversations between team members, while ensuring that employees can work in a space without being interrupted. We also provide designated spaces around the office for individuals to create and collaborate.

Including Your People

The final factor that we take into account within a workplace strategy is your people. There are three types of working modes that staff switch between when working on different projects; control, stimulus and rejuvenation.

  • Controlled Attention – This attention mode is where employees need space to think deeply with undivided focus.
  • Stimulus-Driven Attention – This type of attention kicks in when we can switch between tasks.
  • Rejuvenation and Reflection – When employees are in this working mode, they are seeking a break from their concentrated work.

The Workplace Strategy Timeline

How Does Workplace Consultancy Help Your Business?


  • Increase business profitability
  • Boost customer engagement
  • Increase workplace productivity
  • Improve company branding


  • Encourage creative collisions between team members
  • Improve privacy for employees
  • Utilise office area space to its full potential
  • Improve employee support


  • Increase employee productivity
  • Improved employee retention and engagement
  • Elevated employee performance
  • Increased team collaborations

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