Hybrid Office Design & Build

Building Interiors understands the importance of creating a flexible and adaptable workspace that suits the needs of businesses that are transitioning into hybrid work models. Our expertise in bespoke office design and build enables us to create a high-quality workplace that inspires and motivates staff, and encourages collaboration and productivity, whether employees are working remotely or in-person.


Our design process starts with a feasibility study, which takes into account key elements that may affect the design and layout of the space, including the number of employees, facilities required, technology used, work processes, and traffic flow. By identifying potential issues at the outset, we can plan for future expansion and make any necessary adjustments to ensure your space is fit for purpose.


Our conceptual design stage involves sketching and discussions to help visualise key areas of the space, while our space planning focuses on ensuring that specific space requirements are met.


Our space planning focuses on ensuring that specific space requirements are met.

The 3D visualisation process is also designed to bring the scheme to life and helps stakeholders to engage fully in the project. We offer two versions of visualisation, Sketch Style and Photo Realistic, which help to align your expectations from both a design and cost perspective.

Building Interiors offers a flexible and adaptive approach to office design and build, which is perfectly suited to the needs of businesses operating in a hybrid working model. With almost a decade of experience in providing exceptional design solutions for all office spaces, we can ensure that your workplace is designed to meet your specific requirements, and that it inspires and motivates your staff to achieve their best work.

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