Office Design & Build, Refurbishment & Fit Out North East

The North East has a proud industrial heritage thanks to the shipyards and coal mines that made it famous. Today, the region is almost as well known for the strength of its creative and customer service industries as it is for its bridges and the Angel of the North.  

Whilst we may not have a dedicated North East office, this area is one that Building Interiors is always keen to work in, and we are always happy to take on an office fit-out in Durham or Sunderland, or an office refurbishment in Gateshead or Newcastle.

Design and build office refurbishments in the North East

At Building Interiors, we’ve become experts at designing and managing office fit-outs in the public and education sectors. Some of our most recent successes include an office fit-out at the Sunderland University campus and office refurbishments in the North East towns of Redcar and Stockton-on-Tees.

Office fit-out at Sunderland University 

Sunderland University is a huge presence in both the city and the region, but Building Interiors was called on not for an office fit-out in Sunderland, but rather at the university’s off-site campus in London.

Our brief was to help expand the campus and provide a quality office refurbishment with Sunderland University students in mind. Our team created a warm, welcoming environment that focused on sustainability at its core.

Hybrid working solutions such as lecture theatres, breakout areas, and co-working spaces were all created as part of the office fit-out for Sunderland University’s

campus. We consulted with the university throughout every stage of the process in order to form a comprehensive brief. This included learning what was required of the space to meet the needs of both students and staff, whilst also attracting Post Graduate students in a competitive area like London’s Canary Wharf.

By working to such a well-informed brief, we could deliver an office fit-out for Sunderland University students and administrators to be proud of.

An office refurbishment for the North East’s Beyond Housing

With a recent merger complete, Beyond Housing was keen to create a more integrated, agile workspace at their office in the North East town of Redcar. After extensive research, Building Interiors was the perfect fit to complete their office refurbishment.

Through extensive consulting with the leadership team and employees, we were able to establish a clear vision of what the space needed to be, and created 360-degree 3D models to showcase our ideas. With the scope of the project agreed upon, we stripped out the building to add new features ideal for

creating a hybrid workspace including meeting rooms, agile working areas and community breakout spaces. With a team consisting of a project manager, lead designer, and furniture coordinator that was present on-site and available to Beyond Housing, everyone was on the same page from the beginning of the project through to completion.

Client Testimonial

It is really important to us that we work with good agile working principles, working in a hybrid working environment, we want to make sure there was a real reason for colleagues to come into the office.

Building Interiors was central, so they personally came and talked to team leaders right at the very start of the process and they provided us with all the information, the designs, the options and choices throughout the whole process for us to work with them very closely.”

Catherine Clennett, Director of People

A new HQ for luxury brand, Lusso

Named by the Sunday Times as one of the Virgin Atlantic Fast Track 100 ‘s fastest-growing UK companies, Lusso needed an office fit-out at its Stockton-on-Tees site that better reflected its brand and ethos – a vibrant, cool, fun, and exciting workspace.

Our design team worked closely with Lusso’s founder and CEO, Wayne Spriggs, to create an office that would be appealing to both colleagues and clients alike. This would include the implementation of spaces that can be used for presentations, a hub for architects and designers, and an environment that allows the teams to concentrate and produce their best work.

This project allowed our team to really think outside of the box to create a finished product the client would love. Creating staff lounges with fireplaces, a high-end bar, and other touches allowed us to make Lusso’s workplace much more than just an office.


The success of each of the above projects, as well as various other North East office fit-outs is down to our talented design and fitting teams. Thanks to their skills and experiences, we can offer clients the services necessary to make their vision a reality.


Creating a unique space that also suits the needs of your business is our top priority. Using our tried and tested Define, Design and Deliver method, we’ll come up with a plan and a cost, and refine both until we have a working brief for your ideal workplace that we can execute perfectly.


Whether you’re a small business looking to add some character to your workspace or a large corporation eyeing up an office revamp, we can make it happen. Our office fit-outs adhere to building regulations and health and safety requirements for the highest quality result.


When you consult with our experts on workplace strategy, you’re letting us identify and implement improvements to your office space that can make life better for your employees, increase efficiency, and boost productivity.


Hybrid working has grown in popularity, offering flexibility and an ability to focus on tasks with less disruption. Hybrid insights from Building Interiors show you how to integrate hybrid working features into your workspace through hot-desking, breakout areas, and more.