Workplace Wellbeing


Developing Workplaces For The Future

Who Are Growth Pod?

Growth Pod is a well-being training company specialising in developing leaders who can positively navigate through our emerging and changing workspaces.

No longer able to rely on the outdated working practices embedded in many organisations; Growth Pod develops agile leaders who are equipped to support positive change, develop high performance and psychological safety, whilst remaining confident to support and enhance employee well-being, growth, development and motivation through the changing landscapes faced in our organisations.

How It Works

Step 1 & 2

The team over at Growth Pod will come to give your business a free group workplace wellbeing survey to determine your workplace needs. We will then provide a free consultation to tailor the best solution we can offer for you and discuss what we can do to help.

Step 3 & 4

Next, the Building Interiors team will provide a free consultation on the modern method of working suitable to hybrid working patterns. The new modern workplace is now a strong hybrid structure that provide benefits to employers and employees. We will also provide free advice on making your space work better for you and discuss your requirements.

Step 5

The final step incorporates both Building Interiors and Growth Pod to activate the recommendations that have been set. We offer a great three step process: define, design and deliver which works effortlessly with Growth Pods three step process: assess, advise and activate.

What Does This Mean For You?

All of this means that you get a brand new service that is transforming the way your company works. Both Building Interiors and Growth Pod are with you every step of the way in changing the way your office works and implementing brand new design concepts that lead to your workplace being one for the future.

With a wealth of experience behind both companies, it’s time to take the next steps in developing your perfect workspace and offering your employees the highest quality of wellbeing within the office. We want your staff to feel like they can bring their whole self to work, and our partnership provides just that!

You will still receive the high-class Building Interiors services, from office design to commercial refurbishment, but this time it’s with a fantastic addition.

Developing a workspace for the future is going to become increasingly popular over time, and now is the perfect time for us to help you with the needs and requirements of your business, as well as your employees.

Why Staff Wellbeing Is Important Alongside Your New Office

Our ability to be well impacts every aspect of our lives and enables us to perform at our optimal. Organisations who understand this concept and are able to embed the many intersectional layers of well-being into their culture realise every person’s potential.

Research has shown people with high levels of well-being are found to be six times more engaged in their work, are 125% less likely to burn out and organisations report a 41% lower absenteeism rate.

As we move to hybrid working practices, putting people first is critical in ensuring the longevity of organisations.  Growth Pod in partnership with Building Interiors supports organisations in designing the best workspaces that support your people as well as designing how to get the most from the workspaces by understanding and growing a positive work place culture.  Taking care of staff well-being and health will be a competitive factor in recruiting and retaining the top talent that will be key to sustaining and growing your organisation.

What Should You Do Next?

If you like the sound of developing your workspace for the future, fill out our quick and easy contact form below to get the process started.

We are dedicated to providing the best service and solutions we can that fits the needs of your business. We have worked on a wide range of fantastic office fit out, design and refurbishment solutions that have been tailored to our clients requirements. It is now time to take the next step in reaching your perfect workspace.

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