Hybrid Working Office Fit Out & Refurbishment

With the rise of hybrid working, creating a flexible and comfortable workspace has become more important than ever. At Building Interiors, we understand the need for adaptable office fit outs and refurbishments that can cater to both remote and on-site employees. Whether you’re a small business looking to add more character to your office or a large corporation looking to replace all of your offices, we can help you achieve what you want.

Our highly skilled installation and finishing team can do as little or as much as you want us to do, ensuring your workplace is fitted out and refurbished to meet your organisation’s needs. We oversee building regulation approvals and manage health and safety requirements throughout the office fit-out project, ensuring that you’re left with a workplace you and your staff are proud of.

Office fit-out for a hybrid working environment

Flooring and Ceilings

Creating different zones within your office space is crucial for hybrid working. We can design and install various ceiling features and finishes to bring a different element to your office space. We use various floor finishes to identify different areas while creating zones where required. Our team is familiar with mezzanine floors, and our electrical and data partnerships mean that there’s no limit to what your office can become.

Partitioning and Glazing

As a hybrid workplace, it’s essential to create additional meeting rooms, breakout areas, or just segment a large office. Our solid, modular, and glass partitions are the right solution. Using solid walls can create smaller, more ergonomically friendly areas, while glass partitions give the illusion of an expansive office with the comfort of a smaller workplace. Partitions can also be used to create bespoke offices and meeting rooms.

Electrical and IT

A hybrid work environment requires reliable IT infrastructure to support both remote and on-site workers. We partner with electrical and data specialists to offer office fit-out solutions that include electrical and data cabling installations, internet access points, Wi-Fi installation, and audio-visual suites for conference rooms. These partnerships ensure that your office is ready to work in once the job is complete, resulting in minimal business downtime.

Office Refurbishment for a Hybrid working Environment


Starting with the discovery phase we put together a full hybrid workspace strategy to ensure your company’s requirements are met. Looking at your employee’s wellbeing alongside business goals we create a plan to improve your office space delivering results.


Considering our discovery phase including priorities we deliver a complete design for your hybrid office space. With an experienced design team who have worked on projects of sizes, whilst specialising in larger projects you can be assured that Building Interiors will create you a design which improves your organisation.


The final phase of the project is the construction phase and to ensure you are confident in the Building Interiors hybrid working solution, your project will have a dedicated project manager to ensure the office refurbishment runs smoothly and is done in the most efficient way possible.

Why Choose Us For Your Office Fit Out & Refurbishment?

Building Interiors is a leading commercial interiors company with years of experience in delivering the perfect project to suit your needs and requirements. We understand the importance of creating a flexible workspace that can cater to both remote and on-site employees. Our office fit-out service is designed to meet the demands of the hybrid working environment, ensuring that your workplace is fitted out to meet your organisation’s needs. With our team of highly skilled installation and finishing experts, we guarantee that you’ll be left with a workplace that you and your staff are proud of.