At Building Interiors, we understand that a well-designed workspace fosters creativity and can improve employee satisfaction. With our expertise, we transform your vision into reality, creating bespoke, high-quality commercial office designs tailored to your needs. 

From concept to completion, we are committed to delivering exceptional designs and construction, ensuring your workspace reflects your brand identity while maximising efficiency and comfort.

What do our office design services include?

Our design and build services offer a comprehensive approach, aimed at creating work environments that engage and empower your workforce. From initial consultation to final installation, our team works closely with you every step of the way to understand your unique requirements and company culture. The end result is an office building design that is completely unique to you.

Office Design Process

1. Define

Assessing your current workspace we consider factors such as workflow optimisation, functionality, and aesthetic preferences to determine how these will impact the new office design and layout. This allows us to define our initial concept and outline any potential problems before getting started.

2. Design 

We then conceptualise your new office design, allowing us to arrive at your preferred design look and feel.

Hand sketches, mood boards and 3D visualisations are the perfect way to bring your ideas to life. They help key stakeholders and staff to engage fully in the project and visualise key areas of the space. This also allows our delivery team to confirm all elements, from both a cost and design perspective before any permanent work is carried out. 

3. Deliver

Our build team take these ideas and construct your new office space from scratch. Attention to detail is at the forefront of all of our projects, ensuring your specific space requirements are met.

What do you get from working with an office design company? 

Working with an office design company like Building Interiors offers a range of benefits. 

With decades of combined in-house industry expertise, our clients gain access to a comprehensive range of skills. From initial workplace consultations to executing intricate design plans, office design and build enhances your environment, providing you with a functional and optimised office space.

By partnering with an office design company, you can ensure a seamless transformation from concept to reality and create an inspiring atmosphere that reflects your organisational culture.

Why choose Building Interiors for your commercial office design?

At Building Interiors, we prioritise transparency, communication, and quality craftsmanship throughout the entire design and build process. Our design and installation teams aim to provide you with a space where people love to work and which leaves a lasting impression on visitors. 

Whether you’re looking to revamp an existing space or embark on a new project, you can trust Building Interiors to deliver exceptional results that elevate your workspace to new heights.


What is office design and build?

Office design and build is a comprehensive solution, covering all aspects of the design process, from initial ideation through to build and completion. Our project managers handle the entire process, ensuring deadlines are met and work is delivered to the highest quality standards.

How much does an office design and build service cost?

The cost of an office design and build service can vary depending on several factors, such as the size of the office space and the specific requirements of the client. If you would like to combine more than one of our services, we can create a bespoke price for your project. Why not have a consultation call with us today? 

What are the benefits of a good office design on employee wellbeing?

A well-designed office can significantly enhance employee well-being. Optimised layouts and designated spaces for collaboration can encourage concentration and mental well-being. Further, a visually appealing workspace can reduce stress and enhance creativity.

Office Design Projects