Northpoint Wellbeing

Length of Project: 4 Weeks Location: Halifax Size of Premises: 6,300 sq ft.

What the client was looking for?

Our client, Northpoint Wellbeing, was seeking to transform their office space into a beneficial environment that resonated with their mission of providing mental health support. They aimed to create a workspace that promotes well-being, collaboration, and productivity.

Scope of what was delivered?

Building Interiors crafted detailed visual representations of the proposed office design. This allowed the client to envision the final result before any physical work started. It was important to create an agile working environment that encourages flexibility and adaptability. This involved designing versatile workstations, collaborative areas, and breakout spaces. The interiors were designed to prioritise mental well-being. Natural lighting, soothing colour palettes, and ergonomic furniture were incorporated to foster a comfortable atmosphere.

How Building Interiors delivered what the client needed?

The team at building interiors successfully delivered a tailored office space that aligned with ‘Northpoint Wellbeing’s’ mission. Their comprehensive approach, which included design visualisation, agile workspaces, and a focus on mental health-friendly design, resulted in a workspace that not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations.

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