The Importance of an Office Breakout Area

Jo Horbury

With generations in the workplace changing, the requirements of an office are changing with it. No longer is an office a dreary drab place that sucks the energy out of anyone that enters. Offices are progress not just in the technology used within them but in their design and layouts.

Younger generations expect more from an office and with enterprise companies such as Facebook, Google and Red Bull showcases fantastic working environments it is setting expectations higher than ever.

There are several ways you can make your office more appealing and productive and one of the ways is to have a breakout area. This may seem like a bit of a buzzword at the moment but we assure you “breakout areas are here to stay”, but why are breakout areas so popular and how can they help your business.

Increase Creativity

Breakout areas were first adopted in the creative sectors, thanks to their ability to allow employees to collaborate. A breakout area is a space employees can go to think freely, to throw about ideas without scepticism and collaborate with one another.

A well planned break out area can increase employees ability to think creatively. An informal setting in a stimulating environment makes idea generation far easier than being sat in a dull boardroom or office.

A breakout area isn’t just about putting a table and chairs in a corner though, to get the most out of the investment you should consider what you’re wanting from the area and design it accordingly. Areas designed to increase creativity should be light and airy with furniture that allows for freedom of movement so that employees can really let the creative juice flow.


Promote Team Work

A breakout area can be a place where colleagues can work together on a project or a proposal without the distractions of others. IT is often hard to communicate in the middle of an office so going to an area where you can work closely together can help, especially in situations where “two heads are better than one”.

As with breakout areas that encourage creativity we can design areas that promote teamwork by choosing office furniture that encourages employees to sit closer together such as pods, or stools as they often make people lean forwards.

Choosing colour schemes that promote openness and ensuring the break out area is a place where communications is easy are also key to making it a success.

breakout area
office breakout area

Improve Employee Wellness

As mentioned earlier employees are looking for more from their employers and the environment they work in. On average a person spends almost a third of their life at work so it is crucial that it is a place they feel comfortable, having a break out area is known to have a positive impact on staff wellbeing.

There’s only so much time a person can spend looking at a screen so by giving employees a place to get away from the pressure of day to day work, you can not only help them but it can increase productivity too.

In this situation making the breakout area relaxing and calming is vital, choosing furniture like sofas and pastel colours can help this. By allowing an employee to take time to themselves it can mean that they come back to their desk feeling refreshed, revitalised and ready to work which will benefit both them and your business.

In summary, a break out area isn’t just a place where people go to slack off, it can have a real positive effect on your business if it is thought out, planned and designed with the end goal in mind.

If your office isn’t as productive as you’d like it to be then take a look at introducing an office breakout area and get in touch with us today.