How Office Environment Influences Staff Attraction & Retention

Ian Brough

One of the evolving trends that is emerging in the office design landscape is the growing influence that design is having on the ability of companies to attract and retain the best talent available. Though it may seem obvious at first glance, when the recession hit, companies reverted to a one-size fits all approach to office design to reduce costs. However, now, more prosperous times have meant more companies becoming adventurous with their workplace design and with increasing job opportunities mean people are becoming more selective about where they choose to work.

This trend is becoming increasingly important when combined with the onset of millennials in the workplace where a well-designed workplace can be the competitive edge and differentiator that businesses need.

The findings

A study undertaken by HASSELL found that workplace design, despite variations across gender, industry, experience level and geography, significantly influences employee attraction. Respondents mentioned that the appearance of their workplace was evidence of a good or bad office, with creative and modern workplaces tripling the appeal.

Another body of research by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) found that

  • 80% of employees involved in the RICS research stated that their workplace impacts their wish to stay in their jobs
  • 88% said that it had an effect on their job satisfaction
  • 93% said that facilities play an important role in their decision to choose an employer 

Benefits of workplace design on staff behaviour

  • Influence upon attraction and retention of key talent
  • Enhance efficiency and quality of collaboration, creativity, and connection between people and teams

  • Increases productivity and well-being of employees

  • Reinforces brand culture through symbols, colour and behaviour

What does this mean for businesses?

Staff attraction and retention is important for business success meaning that workplaces should be designed with culture, strategy and most importantly people in mind. With greater emphasis being placed by existing and potential employees on their work environment, it is down to businesses to respond accordingly.

Taking a design led approach to workplaces is particularly important for businesses in the creative and media sectors however, it is becoming more important in traditional business service sectors.

Critical to a workplace strategy is knowing what is required by employees to perform their day-to-day job roles to the best of their ability and critical to attracting employees is having visually striking elements and facilities that make an instant impact on their decision process.

If you are interested in a design led workplace that is designed to meet your company aims and guaranteed to positively influence the attraction and retention of talented employees then contact Building Interiors today.