Office Design

Office Design

Our experienced designers will spend time with you and your team to understand your business, brand and staff requirements.

With this information, our designers will fully develop your layout and design.

Feasibility Design

Before diving head first into the design process, we ensure every project begins with a feasibility study. This gives us insight into all the essential elements of your space which may affect the design and layout such as headcount, facilities required, technology, work processes and traffic flow. It also allows you to see an outline of any potential problems that may occur whilst letting you budget.    

Conceptual design

Conceptual Design

Once we’ve sat down with you, we then get our pen and paper out and begin the initial design phase. At this stage, we collate all our findings and use the data to fuel the design of your space. This includes designing your floorplan, furniture, technology, interactions and experiences.

Detailed Design

Detailed Design

After crafting up initial concepts, our experienced design team will then allow you to envisage your new workspace through sample boards, colour schemes, visuals and 3D rendering imagery. At this stage, we can refine the design to ensure that the final solution is a fit to your company, your space and your people.


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