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Workplace Canteens, Kitchens & Tea Points need to function flexibly. They’re used for informal interaction, for peaceful downtime, and as collaborative spaces – as well as for daily food & drink refreshment.

Your business’ culture, brand, space and needs are unique, so our designs are too. 

Building Interiors delivers on all of your design criteria and more, considering and overcoming every design challenge to create a more productive, more professional workplace.

Hire BI to redesign your office Kitchen, Canteen or Tea Points, to:

  • Reap employee positivity and productivity boosts through innovative design solutions
  • Future-proof your space with cutting-edge products
  • Design for maximum efficiency and utility to maximise every space’s potential
  • Make kitchen spaces work for you, keeping noises and smells at bay

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Trust the experts

We work to keep you working. By Project Managing your updates around you, your office space can continue working as normally as possible, with minimised interruptions. We design to tackle every obstacle – even those you haven’t encountered yet.

We see some needs repeatedly highlighted when designing these refreshment spaces for our clients. We therefore feel that these spaces should:

Support interaction and collaboration

Through COVID and beyond we have all been reminded of the importance of interaction and collaboration. Our spaces are designed flexibly, and can be created to promote interaction and collaboration in this informal environment.


Flexibly accommodate workers & avoid overcrowding

In some industries, large volumes of staff move through canteen spaces at the same time, to suit their shift work. We design flow through high-traffic spaces carefully to suit the available space.

Innovate to future-proof the space

Research repeatedly illustrates that a well-designed office space reaps huge productivity and positivity boosts from employees. Our spaces provide that boost of employee enthusiasm whilst also tackling the realities of a changing workplace. We make your kitchen, canteen or tea point area suitable for the changing ways we work, and fit for the future.


Flexibly switch from ‘make a coffee’ space to ‘informal meeting’ space

Space is often at a premium in offices – so why should your kitchen be a redundant space all day outside of 12-1.30? Making kitchen spaces suitable for ad hoc meetings maximises space, freeing up meeting rooms for more formal or private conversations.


Be integrated but contain sounds & smells

Open plan design is popular, but without foresight that can see burnt toast smells wafting through the office, and a raucous conversation about the weekend overheard by all! It’s our job to consider all of these niggles and create a design that tackles all of your needs.

Promote ‘breaks’ for wellbeing

Canteens, Kitchens and Tea Points are where employees head for refreshment, which is synonymous with a moment of rest from work. We create spaces to invigorate and inspire, making your employees feel re-enthused as they head back to their desk.


Suit every worker

Coffee shops often offer three seating types – low seating on comfy sofas, standard height areas, and bar height areas – as we all prefer to work, eat and drink differently. Our designs mimic this flexibility, ensuring your space isn’t ‘one size fits all’ but instead is welcoming to a range of different needs. A quick coffee can easily morph into a creative brainstorming session with a colleague when the environment is designed to be conducive to relaxation and inspiration.

Allow work to continue through the redesign

Delivering a redesign can be challenging. We work to maintain suitable facilities for staff through your refurbishment works, project managing everything so that you can continue with your work whilst we undertake ours. Our attention to detail and project management ensures your redesign is delivered with minimised disruption. Your revitalised workplace is at your fingertips.

You’re safe in our hands. Delegate to our experts get the job done right. Call Building Interiors today to discuss your Kitchen, Canteen or Tea Points redesign project.

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