Morson Group

Length of Project: 12 Weeks Location: Yeovil Size of Premises: 8,200 sqft

What was the client looking for?

Morson Group, sought to translate their distinctive identity into their office space, aiming for a consistent atmosphere to match their other branches. The requirement was to maintain their brand identity while infusing a natural and monochromatic theme, with pops of vibrant colours such as yellows, oranges, pinks & greens. With a focus on softening the space, the incorporation of greenery and wooden textures was essential.

Scope of what was delivered

Our team at Building Interiors successfully executed a project that replicated the design and feel of Morson Groups’ other branches into another location. We provided visuals, ensuring clarity in spatial comprehension. The design embraced a monochrome base with striking colours, maintaining consistency with their brand identity. In response to a natural aesthetic, we carefully integrated greenery and wooden textures throughout the space.

How Building Interiors delivered what the client needed

Building Interiors facilitated an environment that embraced their brand. The visual we provided enabled the client to visualise the space before execution. Building Interiors succeeded in constructing a harmonious space that embodies Morson Groups’ distinctive identity while introducing creative components that enhance their overall visual appeal and functional purpose.

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