Jones Myers Family Law

Length of Project: 6 weeks Location: Leeds Size of Premises: 2,800 sqft

What was the client looking for?

Jones Myers Family Law in Leeds sought to create a comfortable and welcoming environment for their clients, reflecting their brand identity while avoiding a traditional corporate style. They desired a space that was friendly, inviting, and relaxed in consideration of the sensitive nature of their work in Family Law. They needed a design that would contribute to a soothing atmosphere, ensure client comfort, and mitigate any potential stress during meeting.

Scope of what was delivered

Building Interiors successfully completed a project that replicated the design previously established at their York branch into their Leeds location. The scope involved comprehensive visuals and look & feel concepts. We took great care to select furniture and styles that aligned with the client’s vision of creating a warm and welcoming space. In addition, we added bespoke manifestation to the meeting rooms to enhance privacy and provide a personal touch.

How Building Interiors delivered what the client needed

Building Interiors expertly met the client’s requirements by seamlessly translating their vision into reality. Prioritising comfort and empathy, we chose soothing colours, soft textures, and rounded edges to create a relaxed atmosphere. Custom manifestations in meeting rooms added privacy without compromising the friendly vibe. By blending design expertise with a deep understanding of the client’s mission, we provided a space that embodies their identity while offering a supportive setting for their clients.

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