Glass Partitions

Glass partitions provide a stylish, modern and cost-effective modern solution to subdividing your workspace into a more secure, flexible and versatile space. 

At Building Interiors, we deliver high-quality glass partitioning solutions to offices and commercial properties that create more efficient and pleasing places to work. By maximising and harnessing light, glass partitioning creates an open and spacious feel to your office space which when coupled with the reduction of visible pillars and frames, provides a stylish and clean aesthetic to your office interior.

Glass partitions complement almost any working environment and at Building Interiors we tailor our glass partitioning solutions to meet your business needs and requirements. Whether you require a single glazed glass partitioning solution to create more manageable workspaces or a double-glazed solution to manage the acoustics for boardrooms and meeting rooms, we have the experience and expertise to consistently deliver solutions that meet your needs, are practical and look great!

Glass partitions give you the option to divide your office space into an adaptable workable space, that can adjust with you.  Maximise the amount of natural light into your office, creating the illusion of bright, open spaces. The presence of natural night can even help enhance the feel of the office space, improving mood and productivity of employees.

Benefits of Glass Partitions:

  • Flexible workspace
  • Allows for Privacy
  • Natural sunlight
  • Stylish design

We design specifically to your needs and budgetary requirements, whether seeking a low-cost solution or a high-end specification we will find the right resolution for you and your business. All our glass partitions systems are manufactured and fully tested to the highest standards. Designs are personalised and glass partitions, in particular, look great when decorated with frosted glass or your company logo.

To find out more about how glass partitions can transform your office space, get in touch with the team today.