Why Office Furniture Matters

Jo Horbury
why office furniture matters

Office furniture is an investment for every company. Whether you’re completely starting afresh with an extravagant office refurbishment, or just want to give your space a makeover, choosing the furniture for your office is a decision you shouldn’t take lightly. So what should you be considering when choosing new furniture?


Many company owners make the decision to purchase the cheapest option available for them without thinking through the impact it can have on staff members. Employees spend more time in the office than they do at home, meaning the chairs they’re sitting on and desks they’re working at can have a long-term effect on their well-being.

Backaches and fatigue are common health problems that are associated with poorly designed office furniture, which can in turn result in an increase in staff illnesses and have an effect on productivity. To boost staff morale you should be investing in ergonomically designed furniture that supports your employees and allows them to stay focused on their work. This will not only communicate to your employees how well you value their health and well-being, but help to attract new talent and retain current talent.


The initial expense of furnishing a  room or two may appear to be a large amount of money which could be spent elsewhere, especially when you may be able to get it for half the price, but investing in a slightly more expensive range will save you money in the long-term.

Although it’s easier said than done, it may be prudent to change your way of thinking when it comes to the quality of your furniture. Not only does it communicate what your brand stands for, but can leave you emptying your piggy banks more frequently than you planned if you opt for the cheapest option. A more expensive alternative, which has been manufactured with quality craftsmanship and sturdy materials means you won’t be dipping into your pockets every few years to replace those desks or office chairs.


Just because you’re investing in furniture that’s practical, doesn’t mean it can’t look good. In an age where millennials are now the largest generation in the workforce, companies have had to adapt to their culture and environment to fulfil their motivations, and the office space is one of them. Their working experience will instantly be improved through furniture that doesn’t just promote good posture, but furniture that looks impressive.

Your staff members won’t be the only ones that are impressed by your choice of furniture. When new clients or customers enter your office, the first thing they’ll notice is your furnishings. It doesn’t just showcase your brand identity and company culture, but projects a feeling of success into your visitor’s minds, creating a positive first impression with those you’re trying to win over.