What is workplace consultancy and why do you need it for your office design?

Jeremy Poole

When it comes to creating a productive, comfortable, and functional workspace, office design is crucial. This is where a workplace consultant comes in. A workplace consultant, or workplace strategist, is a professional who specialises in designing and planning office spaces.

They can help you transform your office space into a more productive, efficient, and comfortable environment for your employees. In this blog, we’ll explore the role of workplace consultancy within office design, and why the service could be beneficial for you.

What is workplace consultancy?

The aim of workplace consultancy is to create a strategy that will allow your office to be functional, aesthetically pleasing, and productive. Workplace consultants have a thorough understanding of how people interact with their environment and use this knowledge to design a workspace that maximises efficiency and comfort.

What does a workplace consultant do?

Workplace consultancy involves working with you to create a design plan that incorporates all the necessary elements of a productive workspace.

Your consultant will consider factors like the layout of your office space, lighting, office furniture, and overall aesthetic. They’ll also help you select appropriate materials, colours, and textures to help create a welcoming and comfortable environment for your employees.

A workplace strategy will also help you optimise your space, making the most of every square foot. Our team can help you reconfigure your office layout to reduce clutter, and create a more open and inviting space. They’ll also make recommendations for furniture and equipment that will help your employees work more efficiently.

Why do you need an office design consultant?

There are many reasons why you might need a workplace consultant including:

1. Create a more productive workspace

A well-designed office can increase productivity, reduce stress, and improve employee satisfaction. Having a workplace strategist can help you create a space that promotes productivity and efficiency.

2. Create a more welcoming environment

Your office is a reflection of your company culture. Workplace consultancy can help you create a space that is welcoming and reflects your company’s values.

3. Optimise your space

A workplace strategy can help you reconfigure your layout to make the most of your space.

4. Improve employee satisfaction

A well-designed office can also improve employee satisfaction and reduce turnover. An office design consultant can help you create a space that your employees will love working in.

5. Stay up to date with design trends

Office design consultants can help you keep up with the latest office design trends.

How does workplace consultancy help your business?

There are various ways in which workplace consultancy can support a business. At Building Interiors, we like to divide these benefits into three distinct categories: business, space, and people. The benefits of workplace consultancy are as follows:



  • Increased business profitability
  • Increase company branding
  • Boost customer engagement


  • Encourage creative conversation between team members
  • Utilise office space to its full potential
  • Improve employee support


  • Increase employee productivity, retention, and engagement
  • Improved employee performance
  • Better team collaborations

Our process

At Building Interiors our workplace strategy is renowned amongst our customers.

Our process allows our team to gather measurable insights to analyse your working space and identify opportunities for improvement. The results from this service can then facilitate other services we offer, such as office design and refurbishment.

Step 1: Analysing your business

The first step in our workplace strategy process is understanding the needs and goals of your business. We get to know your community and how your team operate so we can create the optimum work space.

Next, our priority is making sure we understand your company culture so we know who you are, and what your brand personality is so we can create a space that reflects this.

The final stage of step one is understanding where your company wants to be in the future. By envisioning this early on, we can create a workspace that can grow as your company grows.

Step 2: Utilising your space

After gaining an understanding of your business, our team then need to understand your office space to curate a design strategy. To do this, we focus on three fundamental components: proximity, privacy, and permissions.

The office space should be a place where powerful conversations can happen between team members. Creating a space that allows employees to work in close proximity will help to prompt these meaningful interactions.

To facilitate this further, our consultants can also look at ways to implement agile working solutions, that will help employees feel reassured

that they can collaborate freely in different designated areas around the office.

However, whilst we understand that collaboration and flexibility is important in the modern-day office, we also understand that employees in some industries still need to work in a space with minimal interruptions. To make sure we cater to the needs of all employees, our team can also look at ways to implement private working areas into your workplace strategy, while maintaining a modern, open-plan layout.

Step 3: Including your people

The final step in our workplace consultancy process is to consider your people. Within our strategy, we take into account three different working modes that staff tend to switch between, depending on their projects.

  • Controlled attention – This particular working mode focuses on employees needing a dedicated space to focus and with minimal interruptions.
  • Stimulus-Driven attention – This working mode kicks in when employees are free to switch between tasks.
  • Rejuvenation and Reflection – When employees are in this working mode, they are seeking time away from their focused work.


After we have assessed which working modes are a priority for your business and employees, our expert team can decide what kind of working areas will be key within your office design.

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Workplace consultancy can help you create a workspace that is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and productive. Our workplace consultants will collaborate with you to create a design plan that incorporates all the necessary elements of a productive workspace.

If you’re looking to create a more productive, welcoming, and efficient workspace, why not consider Building Interiors workplace consultancy service?

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