Top Christmas Office Decorations

Ian Brough
Top Christmas decorations from Leeds Office design

As the holiday season is approaching us, we thought we would do a rundown of our top Christmas office designs including the top cubicle designs, top office door decorations and the top office Christmas trees.

Having looked at some very impressive office decorations from the past 5 years in both the UK & US here’s out 3 top 3 lists in no particular order.


Top Office Christmas Trees

There’s nothing more festive than a Christmas tree. Traditional or unconventional, a tree’s a tree, so we’ve brought to you three different trees you create for your office this year.  

1) The Balloon Christmas Tree – An interesting, cheap & cheerful design which caught our eye, created using a series of green balloons, with smaller red and blue balloons as decorations. This would make a great addition to an office, so if you’ve forgotten your tree this year then why not try the balloon Christmas tree.

2) The Snowman Christmas Tree – This is the ideal desk sized Christmas tree, and the combination of the snowman instead of a traditional angel really took our fancy. This pre-decorated tree is a quality item and will really bring the festive spirit to the office.

3) The Wrapping Paper Roll Christmas Tree – The third of our last minute Christmas tree creations is this crafty design. It uses the end of your wrapping paper rolls, cut down to size to make the traditional tree shape with a handmade star and button to crown it, a perfect way of recycling the rolls of those who like to get their Christmas shopping out of the way before December the 1st.


Top Office Door Decorations

A simple way to spread some Christmas cheer and create a welcoming space in your workplace is simply through adding some decorations to your doors.

1) The Snowman – This snowman decoration is the pic of the bunch. A three tier design complete with a scarf, top hat and a pipe, set on a wintery background. This door decoration won the office competition for best decorated door of 2013, and the effort put into this shows why!

2) The Polar Express – A unique take on the polar express, this iconic train is a work of art. The artistry that has gone into this decoration is of the highest calibre and really brings the film to life. If you’ve got the time, and artistic skills, this will certainly blow your colleagues away. 

3) Santa & the Fireplace – A quirky design which depicts Santa Clause trying to escape up the chimney before been found by the family. This design was used in a school over the festive period to welcome the children on a cold morning, but it would definitely put a smile on your staff’s faces!


Top Christmas Designs for Office Cubicles

Office cubicles are made for Christmas. There are so many creative ways you can sprinkle some Christmas magic over and transform the way they look!

1) The Decorated House – A simple but clever design using netting and fake snow to turn this cubicle into a grotto. The decorations outside and on the white canvas improve the overall look of the design and is one of the best we have seen this Christmas.

2) Traditional Log Cabin – This traditional log cabin look is created using painted card meaning it’s cheap but the amount of time to paint the card was extensive, which is why this makes it into our top 3. The added extras of the window and tree outside really make this office cubicle stand out.

3) Gingerbread House – The gingerbread house is a classic office cubicle design but with the added sweets and festively decorated Mr & Mrs Gingerbread outside take it to another level which is why it makes up our top 3 office cubicle Christmas designs.


Top Christmas Designs for Windows

If you aren’t decorating your windows or glass partitions this December, then you’re really missing out, mainly because of how easy they are to spice up!

1) Christmas Window Stencils – Adding some stickers to your office windows can create a stunning display and they’re super simple to apply. This Santa and his reindeer was one of our favourites, but snowflakes, stars and snowmen can have an equally striking effect.

2) Hanging Christmas Presents– For a more sophisticated window display, we came across these parcels, tied up with string. All you need is a few empty boxes, ribbon, paper of your choice and string. Try hanging them at different heights to make a bigger impact.

3) Starry Fairy Lights – These fairy lights add a warm glow to your windows, inviting guests in from the cold. They are easy to find, and even easier to hang making them an obvious choice for your office decorations!


Top Christmas Designs for Office Spaces

Don’t miss out on any opportunity to decorate your office, from the ceiling to the floor, you can put on a cracking Christmas display.

1) A Christmas Chalkboard Wall– Why not turn your office chalkboard wall into a Christmas extravaganza? You already have all the tools you need, a chalkboard pen and a mind full of ideas. It’s a great way to transform a space into something festive, but don’t worry if you don’t have a chalkboard wall, a white board would work just the same!

2) Festive Plants– Office plants have proven to boost morale and increase staff productivity, so make the most of your greenery by sprucing them up. Dangle some baubles off the branches to create a sophisticated look, or go the extra mile with some twinkling fair lights.

3) Ceiling Decorations – The design ticks all the boxes for utilising office space. All you need are some Christmas decorations of your choice and some ribbon. These are guaranteed to put a smile on guests’ faces, although make sure you plan where you hang them to avoid any accidents!


Top Christmas Designs for Desks

The littlest of changes can have a positive impact on your employees, so if you don’t want to go all out, try adding some seasonal touches to their desks!
1) A Desk Fireplace – Create a cosy desk place without getting the fire marshals involved! Made out of cardboard and paper, with a fire desktop background, you can create that country feel and decorate to your fancy.

2) Wrapping Paper Drawers – The effectiveness of this decoration caught our eye straight away. It can be personalised to individual staff members with particular wrapping paper designs, and is 100% recyclable. You can even mix it up and have a different design on each drawer.

3) A Snowy Scene– If Santa’s chimney doesn’t take your fancy then this one might! This design is the simplest out of the three, so there’s no excuse for not getting in the festive spirit. All you need to do is cover your desk in fake snow, and you have yourself a winter wonderland.