The Importance of Office Chairs

Jo Horbury
office chairs

The importance of office chairs is something that shouldn’t be underestimated, especially as it can have a long-term impact on your company. Studies have proven that sitting at a desk for up to ten hours a day on a poorly designed chair can have a detrimental effect on our bodies. Mounting pressure on the spinal discs can cause lower back and neck pain, whilst sitting in a slouched position can also cause headaches, fatigue and poor concentration. This can evidently affect the performance of your employees, and leave you short on staff, with more and more calling in sick because of these work related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSDs).

To combat WRMSDs, many companies have already invested their time and money into replacing their office chairs with those more ergonomically designed ones, and are instantly reaping the benefits. Businesses that have invested in ergonomic furniture have seen a rise in staff motivation and productivity. When you’re looking for new office chairs, there are some key properties that you should be looking for.


Seat Height, Width & Depth

The height of the chair should be fully adjustable so when you’re sitting on it, your feet are flat on the floor with your thighs horizontal and arms even with your desk height. With regards to the depth and width of the chair, you should be able sit comfortably with your back against the backrest and ideally be able adjust the forwards or backwards tilt.


The lumbar spine naturally curves inwards, however sitting for a long period of time often leads to you slouching over your desk which flattens your natural curve. Your chair should have an adjustable backrest that sculpts to your lower back curves, giving you control of the height and angle.


You should be seated in a comfortable position with your shoulders in a relaxed position to prevent you from hunching over. Your armrests should be able to move up and down, allowing your elbows to softly rest on them.



Spinning in your chair is always seen as a bit of a novelty, but it does in fact have an impact on your health and wellbeing. A functional chair should allow you to swivel round so you can reach different areas around you without straining your back.

Seat Material

Often seen as more of a cosmetic requirement, the material of your chair should also be considered. For maximum comfort you should consider a soft, cushioned seat.

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