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These are four of the ways employees sit at their desks, what each posture means and how it can be improved

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The way we sit at our desks can have a huge effect on our performance. In most cases, people sit in the way that feels most comfortable to them, but as an employee, you should be mindful about what your seating position is doing to your working day, health and output.

Below, we highlight four of the most common ways people sit, what those postures suggest and how they can be tweaked and improved.

Position one: The straight back

This posture sees the person sat with a straight back, with both feet planted firmly on the floor and their chin up.

This is actually the best posture to adopt when sitting at your desk and it also projects a wave of confidence and self-belief.

That said, most people don’t naturally adopt this pose so you will need to keep reminding yourself to plant your feet on the floor, keep your back straight and your chin up.

Try to lean back and relax a little when thinking about something or taking a break from your computer – this will help you feel alert yet relaxed.

Position two: The lurcher

This posture sees the person leaning far forward with their chest over the keyboard and their elbows tucked into their sides.

Those that adopt this pose often have a sharp eye for detail and while this is certainly a desirable quality, taking this posture has some drawbacks, too.

It is actually really bad for your body; leaning forward puts your back, shoulders and neck under tremendous strain, especially if held over long periods of time.

If this sounds like you, overcome the position by moving your monitor further forward and also remind yourself to adopt a more straight-backed posture as often as you can.

Position three: The lounger

Sometimes at work, you may find yourself laying back in your chair. While this may be comfortable, it is not good for your posture.

To overcome this, try to alter the back of your chair so that it is in an upright position and also raise the height of your chair to make stretching out your legs less comfortable.

Position four: Feet off the floor

This seating position sees the person sit with their legs off the floor and to one side, their torso arched and one arm on the desk for support.

To avoid adopting this position, swap your chair with one for armrests and try to adopt the straight back pose instead.

Of course, the type of office chair and desk used by employees can also impact on the posture the adopt.

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