Questions to ask when creating a workplace strategy

Jeremy Poole

When it comes to creating a workplace strategy, there is no one size fits all solution. Therefore it is crucial that with every project, each workplace strategy is tailored to the exact needs of the company.

In order to achieve the individual needs of our clients, we divide our workplace strategy service into three distinct sections: business, space, and people. By separating out our service into three components, our team can clearly see how a workplace strategy can improve each individual area, as well as the workplace overall.

In this blog, we’re going to look at each strategy area in-depth, including what questions you should ask yourself in order to create a valuable workplace strategy.


A major factor to consider when curating a workplace strategy is the position that your business is currently in, and the position you want your business to be in in the future.

If you are planning for your business’ future growth, it may be worth pondering a completely new location. Alternatively, if you are comfortable where you are, a simple office refurbishment may be your only requirement.

Additionally, you’ll also need to think about aspects such as office branding, as this could dictate where your office is located, as well as your office design.

Questions to ask about your business

  • Where do you see your business in 5 years?
  • How is your brand evolving and does your current branding match the ethos of your company?
  • Is your current office located in a place that aligns with the brand image you would like to create?


Understanding your space and how daily activities are carried out in it is also important for any workplace strategy.

Analysing your current workspace (both the building your office is situated in and where any work takes place) will allow you to identify how effective your current office space is at facilitating your business processes, and how it can be improved to better support a variety of working styles.

Within this, technology will also be an important factor to consider. Particularly where virtual communication, hybrid and

remote working have become the ‘new normal’, having quality tech features in the office space is now more important than ever.

Questions to ask about your space

  • What are the key areas you will need to include to help the productivity of your staff?
  • How will your new workplace strategy impact your company culture?
  • How can your space cater to different working models e.g. hybrid and agile working?
  • How can a new, optimised workspace enhance the activities your staff currently carry out?
  • What technology will support hybrid working employees?
  • Does this technology help to increase the productivity of your staff?



Your staff are at the forefront of your business and are the driving force that keeps it growing and evolving. Because of this, it is crucial that your workforce is a top priority when curating a workplace strategy to ensure any design changes actually support your employees on a daily basis.

To make sure this is the case, it is important to constantly engage with employees to encourage them to share their opinions and feedback. Having this information to refer back to will help you discover what currently works well for them in the office, as well as what could be implemented in future strategies to better optimise their productivity and performance.

Questions to ask about your people

  • How do your employees currently interact in the office and how often does this take place?
  • What tools do employees use to communicate with other colleagues?
  • How do your staff currently feel about your office design and how do they think it could be better optimised?

Workplace Strategy at Building Interiors

When trying to create a well-rounded workplace strategy, putting this process into action can be quite overwhelming; this is where we come in. Workplace strategy, or workplace consultancy, is one of our key services at Building Interiors.

Our workplace consultancy service has been specially designed to help you identify where strategic improvements can be made within your office design. Through in-depth analysis of your current workspace, our workplace consultancy team can gain an understanding of your business and identify opportunities for improvement.

Our team of design experts can then guide you through the workplace strategy process to help you develop and create an office space that meets your business needs exactly.

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