Office Move Checklist: Project Plan for a Successful Relocation

Franchesca Brawn
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There are many factors to consider when moving office, our checklist will help you make sure you know


Here at Building Interiors, we like to think we know there is everything there is to know about creating inspiring workspaces, through office design, refurbishment and fit out. And for some brands, achieving the perfect space requires an office relocation. But once you have decided that your current space doesn’t work for your business needs anymore, what do you do next? An office relocation is really exciting, it’s a time to reflect on what you want from your new space, rethink your everything working habits, refresh your brand and redefine your working environment. We have put together this handy list of actions you need to do or think about when moving office, this listicle will help ensure you are prepared for what is to come.

Step One: Paperwork and Planning

  • Review your current lease – check when your lease is up. If possible try to plan your move date in with the end of your tenancy.
  • Put aside a budget for dilapidations – you may be responsible for restoring the property back to its original condition.
  • Nominate a point person – within your organisation, who will be responsible for the moving process and point person for actions.
  • Hire the professionals – hire a professional office fit and refurbishment company who will define your workplace strategy and help you identify what you need from your new space, think about:

Workplace consultancy

Space planning

People – what your team require (Desks, communal spaces, break out zones)

  • Work with your chosen company to set a realistic budget.


Step Two: Objective PlanningRequirements and objectives of the move, work with your fit out company to decide:

  • Property Requirements:

What size does the property need to be?

How many people does the property need to accommodate?

What are the usage requirements for offices, meeting rooms, toilets, kitchens, collaborative areas?

What features does the property need to fulfil?

Is the property sustainable?

Do we need new furniture?


  • Location Considerations:

Is the location where we want to move to?

Are the new premises located near to major transportation links?

Is the office suitable for current staff commuting?

Is there appropriate parking available?

Can clients visit and be visited easily?

Are there any local amenities for staff?


  • Business Aims:

Where/what size of company does the business want to be in 5, 10, 15 years?

Can the new office space cater for the projected growth of the business?

How does the office need to facilitate the work of each department?

How long does the lease need to be?

What is the proposed move in date?


Step Three: Relocation NotificationOnce you have approved the new office plan:

  • Once you have a move date from your partners you will need to give official notice to your current landlord
  • Notify all your team members and contractors of moving date and new office address
  • Start a list of notifications alerts to key contacts
  • Notify your IT provider of your move
  • Make a note to change address on documentation once moved
  • Look into how you will grant access/keys for all staff


Step Four – Preparation

  • A good fit out company will have conducted space planning research and will have incorporated the best use of space and requirements within your floorplan, including:


Space planning

Desk organisation

Breakout areas





Flooring and ceiling

  • Start to decide your staff’s locations on the floorplan
  • Your fit-out company will have organised all your furniture
  • Set up mail and phone forwarding for your move date


To learn more about the office design and fit-out services we offer, contact a member of the Building Interiors team here.