How to use Pantone’s Colour of the Year in your office design

Charlie Brannon

During December 2022, Pantone announced its 2023 Colour of the Year: Viva Magenta. Pantone describes this colour as a shade “vibrating with vim and vigour.”.

Viva Magenta is an intense and animated colour that was chosen as it creates a stand-out statement in any room and helps to create a sense of optimism, fearlessness, and “self-expression without restraint”. Pantone describes the shade Viva Magenta as being inspired by our need “to draw inspiration from nature and what is real”, in a growing technological world.

This, then, makes Viva Magenta the perfect shade to incorporate into your office design in 2023. Staff are now regularly working in a virtually connected, sometimes monotonous world, and creating an office space that inspires imagination and experimentation can bring them back into reality and help them to re-focus on business growth.

Like many business owners, after the announcement of Pantone’s Colour of the Year, you may be keen to refurbish or re-design your office space in preparation for the rest of the year. In this blog, we’ll show you 4 easy ways to incorporate Viva Magenta into your office design to create a trend-driven, invigorating office design for 2023.

1. Accent colours

Whilst Viva Magenta is a bold and fearless colour, too much of it can become overwhelming. Instead of inspiring innovation, staff can become over stimulated and find it difficult to focus, which can be counterproductive in the workplace.

Using Viva Magenta as an accent colour to accompany wallpaper or murals would be a more effective way to incorporate the shade into your office design. This will help to encourage a positive mindset amongst staff members without being too overpowering.

If you’re looking for complimenting colours for this Pantone shade, our interior designers have said “earthy tones work incredibly well”.

However, they have also advised to “steer away from similar, bold colours such as yellows, blues, and oranges to avoid creating a drastic clash between shades”.


2. Re-create your office entrance

Office design is essential in highlighting important parts of an office such as board rooms and working areas, however, it is common for office entrances and reception areas to be overlooked. For companies who welcome customers onto their premises on a daily basis, a well-designed reception area can be key in creating a positive first impression for a business.

Adding accents of Viva Magenta into your office entrance through artwork or furniture can be a great way to make your office building appear more inviting to customers when they are coming to do business with you.


The fun nature of this shade can also make your business appear laidback and cool which can also help customers and staff feel calmer when visiting your office too.

3. Statement office furniture

You can also look to implement Viva Magenta into your office design through your office furniture too. This has long been an office design trick to elevate an office space and is effective in helping your office to embody a completely new character.

Not only with this help to revitalise the office surroundings for your staff, but it will also help you to highlight any curated furniture or design features you have in your office.

Office furniture such as shelving, office desks, and relaxed seating are all viable options to create a vibrant office design, and a cool office atmosphere.


4. Colour blocking

Staying up-to-date with the latest office design trends can often be a costly process, particularly if you wish to undergo a full office refurbishment. However, it is still possible for your office to remain modern on a budget.

Incorporating coloured accessories, and colour blocking will help you to achieve this. In lounge areas, consider using throw pillows and blankets in the Viva Magenta shade to add a pop of colour, which will allow you to create a trendy recreational area for your staff to use.

From a practical perspective, colour blocking using office partitioning is also a great strategy too.

Office partitioning is ideal when office space planning as it allows key areas of your office to be sectioned optimally.

Decorating your office partitioning in 2023’s colour of the year will make these sections more clearly visible to staff and guests alike due to its vibrancy and navigating your office space will be made much easier.

Find out how to use Pantone’s Colour of the Year in your office

While it can be tempting to go slightly overboard when decorating your office space, it is important to keep in mind your company goals, and the type of office environment you want to create for your staff and customers.

Too much of one colour can often cause over stimulation, but too little can create a dull and lifeless space to work in.

At Building Interiors, we can help you find the perfect balance of both. If you’d like to speak to one of our team about a brand new colour design for your company office space, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at, or you can call us on 0113 388 6522.