4 ways to decorate your office for the christmas season

Jo Horbury

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s likely time to start decorating your office in time for the festive season.

Not only will decorations add a bit of festive cheer into your office, but there are also many work-related benefits to decorating your office in time for Christmas as well.  These include:

  • Encouraging teamwork
  • A boost in morale
  • Revitalising the office environment
  • A chance to show employees a humane side to the company

Through adding a bit of colour into your office, and allowing staff to collaborate creatively whilst decorating, employees can enjoy their working environment and not simply feel like a cog in a constantly working machine.

Whilst decorating for this wonderful time of year is always enjoyable, it is still important that your office design remains functional, as many industries find this time of year particularly busy.

In this blog, we’ll show you how to decorate your office for Christmas to create a fun, yet focused and functional working environment.

1. Put up a Christmas tree

Putting up a Christmas tree will arguably be the most important part of decorating your office space, and it will be the focal feature of your office throughout the winter season. Its brightly coloured decorations and warm lights will create a positive ambience in any office.

However, make sure that it is placed in an area of your office that doesn’t experience much footfall. As it begins to get busier your staff will begin to manoeuvre back and forth between different meetings, and you will want minimal obstructions during this time.

When planning your office space, consider placing your tree in a

corner of the office that is not typically crowded by bodies, but where the tree is still viewable by staff members. This will help to ensure maximum space efficiency whilst still providing staff with a pleasing, festive view.

woman with snowman headband hanging silvers streamers from tall plants

2. Be creative with your decorations

Although it would be ideal to have a Christmas tree in all offices, we understand that not all companies are blessed with the luxury of space, and sometimes, a Christmas tree is simply not a feasible option. However, we still feel it’s important to inject some festive cheer into your office space.

Why not consider hanging decorations, like baubles from the ceiling. This is an easy way to decorate your office for Christmas without causing too much of a distraction for your employees and is much quicker than assembling and decorating a tree.

If your office experiences a sudden surge in demand during the Christmas period, this type of decoration could be ideal to ensure

staff are working to their maximum productivity levels during this time, as it avoids taking them away from their work for a prolonged period of time.


3. Choose a colour scheme

When it comes to a festive colour scheme, there are hundreds of variations for you to choose from. Whether you would like a traditional red, green, and gold combination, or favour a monochromatic festive office design, there is definitely something to suit all tastes.

Whilst traditional Christmas colour schemes are a standard choice for many, you could also look to add a twist to your Christmas office decorations by incorporating your office branding into your Christmas colour scheme.

Incorporating your company’s branding into your decorations can have your office remain professional looking, whilst still

being festive. It can also be a great creative team-building task for your staff too, as they can be tasked with incorporating the correct colours into your Christmas decorations.

4. Christmas garlands, wreaths, and lights!

As well as having a Christmas tree, other Christmas decorations can add a festive feeling into your office too. Wrapping garlands around office furniture and hanging strands of lights from the ceiling can add flare to your festive office design and help to add a bit of warmth to your office over the Christmas season, all whilst taking up minimal space.

Wreaths are also a great way to spread some festive joy across the office. Consider placing a wreath on the entrance door to your office. Not only will this look attractive to passers-by, but it will also make your office look inviting to any visitors during the season.


When hanging your decorations though, remember to use removable adhesive hooks so decorations can be easily hung, without the risk of damaging walls and other surfaces upon removal. Particularly if you are in a rented space, any marks or cracks could cost you during your dilapidations.

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The Christmas season is one of our favourite times of year at Building Interiors, and we love thinking up different ways we can inject some festive joy into our office.

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