How to create a workplace strategy

Jeremy Poole

Office consultancy, also known as workplace strategy, is a service that helps businesses to optimise their office space in order to improve productivity, reduce costs and create a better work environment for staff.

Though it can sound simple, the process of workplace strategy involves a range of different activities. These activities are designed to help a workplace consultant identify strategic improvements in your office design which will allow the space to meet the unique needs of your business.

To ensure you choose the perfect design consultant to implement your workplace strategy, it helps to get a good understanding of what the workplace strategy process actually involves, so you know what to exactly what to expect.

In this blog, we’ll explore what our workplace strategy involves and what benefits it can provide for your organisation.

Step 1 – Defining your workplace strategy

The define stage of our workplace strategy involves getting a clear idea of your business, your budgets, and what you want out of your new office design.

Week 1 – Week 3: Understanding your business and people

The first step an office consultant will take when developing a workplace strategy is to assess your current office dynamics.

Your workplace consultant will work with you to understand your current office design and layout, the number of employees you have, the nature of the work being performed in the office, your current working models, and any other relevant factors that can impact productivity and efficiency. Along with this, they will also sit down with you to discuss what your future plans are for the office, and your business as a whole.

This initial assessment will help your office consultant to identify areas where improvements can be made, in your office design. Further, through gaining an understanding of your future business goals, an office consultant can design a workplace strategy that is not only appropriate for the present, but for the future too.

Week 4 – 6: Reviewing your space and your budget

After this initial assessment, our consultants will then collaborate with you to develop a customised workplace strategy.

Taking into account everything that was learnt in weeks 1 -3, this plan can include an array of changes. For example, your workplace consultant may suggest changes to the physical layout of your office to cater for both full-time and hybrid workers, or the integration of zonal areas to better distinguish areas of your office for department purposes. Alternatively they may simply suggest the use of more technology to help improve communication and collaboration.

These proposed changes will then be conceptualised by our design team for you to look at. This is standard for all of our clients so we can showcase what your new office will look like and explain the benefits of each office design change both in terms of physical space and workplace culture.

At this stage, we will also discuss other factors that can impact your workplace strategy such as your budget requirements so we can gain a better understanding of what new design features are feasible to include. This will allow us to refine your new office design even further.

Once these changes align with your goals and budget, we can begin integrating our workplace strategy into your office space.

Step 2 – Designing your workplace strategy

The design stage of our workplace strategy process is where our team start to get creative and can start to bring your new office design to life.

Week 1 – Week 2: Create

Whilst we’re getting to know your business, our design team will be working in the background creating some innovative first ideas for your new office design.

This involves creating a completely new design concepts, developing new layouts, and creating fantastic visuals and mood boards ready for your initial review and feedback.

Week 3 – Week 4: Cost

Once you’ve reviewed our initial design concepts, we’ll then start to consider what your budget looks like. This stage will involve conducting site visits to carry out in-depth analysis of your current building and its potential.

Office blueprint and layout plan

It is important for us to carry out these site visits at this stage to ensure we align our design suggestions with the correct costs so we can create a carefully curated budget that is both cost-effective and will allow for a practical execution of your project.

Week 5 – Week 6: Refine

After we have confirmed your budget requirements, we’ll then start to refine your office design based on any feedback you’ve given us.

We will start to make small tweaks and adapt the design concept based upon your comments as well as the new knowledge we have regarding your budget.

Week 7 – Week 8: Approve

Now that we have refined your office design and your costs, our team can create a programme of work, outlining each step of our design recommendations, as well as what our timeline of work will look like for a stress-free project delivery.

Week 8 and beyond: Implementing your workplace strategy

The final step in the workplace strategy process is actioning all of your office consultants’ recommendations.

At Building Interiors, our workplace consultancy service works hand-in-hand with all of our other services, including our office design & build service. This continuity across our services ensures you get a perfectly designed office space bespoke to your exact requirements.

Throughout the design and implementation process, our workplace consultants will work closely with you to ensure that our workplace strategy is practical and feasible for your business. We will also provide ongoing support to help your organisation implement the changes and monitor their effectiveness over time.

How long does the workplace strategy process take?

At Building Interiors we work with a range of clients from different industries and therefore we understand that every business is different and will have individual needs.

Therefore, the timeframe in which we can create and implement a workplace strategy can differ between projects. Whatever your deadline, our team of experts will work to suit the timing of your individual project.


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So, what are the benefits of a workplace strategy? Through optimising your office space, you can improve productivity, efficiency, and create a better work environment for your employees. This can result in increased job satisfaction, reduced employee turnover, and improve customer satisfaction, which can all contribute to the overall success of your business.

When you work with our office consultants we will identify areas for improvement, and implement bespoke solutions so your business can benefit from success and growth.

If you’d like to talk to a member of our team about our workplace strategy services, as well as any other of our design and build services, you can contact a member of our team by emailing or calling 0113 388 6522.