How Office Design Can Win New Business

Jo Horbury

In the world of office design, the current hot topic discussion is how workplace design is becoming increasingly important in the race to attract and retain the best talent. Part of this surge has been the influx of millennials into the workplace who place greater preference on elements other than wage in their job choosing process.

However, other routes to improving a business’ bottom line aren’t being talked about. What we will discuss in the latest in our series of articles looking at office design trends is how quality office design can influence your new business conversion rate.

Statement Design

The first way that design can influence winning new clients is through impact. Great office design can work as a statement to prospective clients. Innovative and striking office designs that reflect your brand and culture indicate professionalism, quality and success that can influence the crucial decision in a pitch process.

This is particularly important in the creative industries such as digital marketing, graphic design and web design. In this situation clients are coming to you for creativity and often out-of-the-box ideas, if they are then presented with a bland, uninspiring office their first impression could have lost you a potentially lucrative new client.

Improving Delivery

Another way that office design can improve your business conversion rate for new business is by improving delivery. If your work environment is built with a workplace strategy in mind, designed to facilitate the needs of your staff and increase employee wellbeing and happiness as well as making their ability to perform the role as easy as possible, then they will be more likely to work harder, work smarter and be more productive.

By having a more productive workforce, the knock-on effect is to be delivering higher quality of work on a more consistent basis. This positively enhances your reputation as a business which will only lead to more people wanting to work with you. Inbound leads have a much higher conversion rate than outbound. Ultimately, this means more leads for your business.