How Office Design Can Save Your Business Recruitment Costs

Jo Horbury
how to save on recruitment costs

Attracting and retaining the best staff is one of the key objectives for any successful business. In order to meet this objective, businesses invest considerable amounts of money on recruitment, bringing in external companies to help to generate the necessary interest for working at their organisation.

The average recruitment cost of filling a vacancy, using internal or external recruitment methods is around £4,500.

An often unexplored avenue but long term strategy to recruiting is the design of your office. In this  article we will explore in more detail just how office design can save your business recruitment costs.

How does office design influence recruitment

Something we, at Building Interiors, have discussed at length is the realisation of many business leaders to the additional value that their office space can generate for their business yet the majority of office spaces are still un-inspiring, traditional spaces that fail to leave a lasting impression.

Part of what makes companies like Air BnB and Google so alluring to prospective candidates (as well as being a world renowned brand) is their striking and often unconventional office spaces. But, you don’t have to install a ski-chalet in your office or even be a global brand to have an office design that makes people desire to work for your business.

The design of your office space has a direct correlation with the influence of your business to attract and retain the best staff. By creating a striking working environment you are increasing your business appeal. This is becoming increasingly prevalent with the growing number of millennials entering the workplace who place greater emphasis on factors such as environment, location and culture when making their decision of where to work.


The desired effect

Simple changes can often have this desired effect of making your business an attractive working environment. Having a bright, branded and space planned office that is designed with the day to day activities of employees in mind can leave that lasting impression on existing and prospective employees that makes people want to work for you.

Here are some suggestions to change your office environment into a desired place of work:

  • Break out areas – making your office more than just a sea of desks or cubicles is one step towards an alluring office space is to incorporate break out areas and tea points. This will not only create a visual stimuli in the work place but also shows that you value your employees more than just being a work horse.
  • Furniture – seating and desking can be used to achieve the desired effect, furniture such as huddle pods and soft seating are types of furniture that can be used to make your office a more engaging place to be.
  • Brighten up the environment – Make the environment bright and airy using glass partitions to create a space that has private spaces but has natural light pouring through.


If you would like a tailored office space that helps you to seal new business and attract staff then contact Building Interiors today.