Four Green Fixes for a Happier, Healthier Office Environment in 2020

Franchesca Brawn

The environment you provide your employees has a huge impact on their performance at work. These quick fixes will turn your workplace into a thriving space with maximum productivity

Plants within an office environment


Most people enter the New Year with a list of resolutions they believe will lead them to become happier and healthier over the 12 months to come.

From reducing their alcohol intake to hitting the gym to embracing veganism for a month or more, we all start the year with the best of intentions.

But for many, they do not get the chance to make changes to their office environment, which has a big impact on their happiness and health and how they perform at work.

As a business owner or manager, it is down to you to introduce changes that will create a thriving office space where staff can reach their full potential.

Below, we list four green fixes that are quick and easy to implement but that will significantly improve the mood and atmosphere of your office.


See green:

We see a lot of offices that are dull, uninspiring and in need of a splash of colour. By adding a touch of green to walls, furniture and soft furnishings you can really bring a space to life.

When it comes to walls, add different shapes or patterns to large, empty spaces to make feature walls that add a sense of fun and creativity to the space.

Alternatively, hang posters or artwork on empty wall areas– perhaps of plants and foliage to stay in line with the green theme – to help break up the space.

Add green cushions to sofas or seating areas, and place green rugs under tables or in breakout areas. Swap standard black desk tidies for green coloured novelty pots shaped like cacti or fruit.


Plant green:

Introducing plants to an office space can really help to create a sense of calm and tranquillity among your workforce by bringing nature indoors.

Think large potted plants that reach almost from floor to ceiling to small house plants that can be placed on windowsills and desks.

Whether you opt for real or imitation plants depends on how much care and attention you wish to provide – imitation plants can be just as realistic without the need for constant watering.


Eat green:

To help your employees stick to their own resolutions of eating healthily, you can introduce “eat green” stations where they can pick up free fruit and snacks.

You can really have some fun with these eat green stations – think about placing fruit in novelty bowls and creating bold and vibrant signage to entice team members to grab a healthy snack.

In addition to fruit, you could add a water fountain to encourage staff to consume their recommended two litres per day and provide reusable bottles to reduce plastic waste.


Go green:

If your office space is large enough, consider turning one of the breakout areas into a small exercise come yoga space complete with mats and a TV for staff to stream workout classes.

Think about painting inspirational quotes on the wall in the exercise area and perhaps replacing the carpet with a more suitable floor such as wood or laminate.

Once a month you could bring a personal trainer or yoga teacher into the office to lead a class before the working day gets underway, helping staff stay healthy and happy.

These are four small yet very green changes you can make to your office space now that will create a vibrant and positive environment in which your employees can work to the best of their abilities.

So, what are you waiting for? Make these changes now and share with us your green initiative successes. We will include the best ones in our next newsletter.

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