First Impressions Count – Reception Design

Jo Horbury
Interiors Goods Direct

How to design the perfect reception area

It may be something of a cliché, but the saying ‘first impressions count’ couldn’t be truer when it comes to your reception area.

Your reception area is your first touchpoint for visitors, quite literally your shop window. For those walking through the front door of your office, the first impression will stay with them throughout their visit.

Here are three things we recommend that you consider when designing your reception area:

One. What it looks like

Does your reception area look like a place that is welcoming and ready to receive visitors? Does it actually look like you’re open for business?

Two. The impression it conveys

Does your reception fit in with your company ethos? Does it convey the impression of a business that is traditional, or modern? Perhaps your culture is professional or maybe it is laid back and friendly?

Three. Function as well as form

As well as being of pleasing appearance, think about what you actually want your reception area to do. In addition to greeting visitors, is it used for waiting, meeting or even showcasing your products and services?

Within those overall guidelines, here are some tips on how to make your perfect reception area a reality:

Consider the layout

Space is money, so plan a layout that will make the most efficient use of space, especially if it’s small. Try to create a good flow in, out and around the area. You might even want to create different zones dedicated to different functions.

Choose fixtures and fittings

As the name suggests, a reception desk should be at the heart of any entrance. It’s often a good idea to make a real focal point of your reception desk. Visitors can be greeted with a friendly face, and pointed in the direction of the right person.

Add the right desks, chairs, tables, storage, display units, screens and so on to support any other functions you want your reception area to perform. Suitable hard or soft flooring, or both, can look good as well as keeping what is normally a high traffic area between indoors and outdoors clean and tidy.

Co-ordinate with colour

As well as co-ordinating with your corporate identity, thoughtful use of colour in furnishings, floor coverings and wall surfaces can help project the right impression.

Be bright with lighting

Professionally designed lighting can turn any reception area into a much more pleasant environment. Use ambient lighting to set the scene, plus task or display lighting for specific functions. Look at how the best use can be made of natural light, too.

Add something fun!

Lastly, a reception area shouldn’t be all about work. Adding something fun can help make it much more pleasant and, very importantly, memorable to your visitors.

Today, reception area décor is much more than just adding a potted plant; although plants and flowers have a part to play. You can add touches like a giant company logo, wall art, sculptures, a TV screen or even just something simple like a big bowl of sweets or fresh fruit.

To find out more about how we can help re-design your reception area, get in touch today.