Essentials for the Office to Boost Employee Performance and Productivity

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There will always be times in the office where productivity and performance dips; surprisingly, employee performance and morale majorly come down to the office itself.

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At Building Interiors, we put your employees first, ensuring everything we do will help benefit the overall performance of the office. In this article, we want to address some of the fantastic solutions to improve employee performance and morale in your office.


Greenery/Office Plants

There is a wide spectrum for this; this all depends on how far you would like to run with the idea.

Flower and greenery walls are extremely popular at the moment in the office; These aesthetically pleasing feature walls are perfect for creating a more relaxing work environment.

Furthermore, these greenery features can also liven up the office space, creating a more welcoming environment for the employees.

If a feature wall is not your office style, you can also opt for small plants throughout the office.

Just having some office plants placed around the working environment has proven to boost employee engagement.

The University of Technology in Sydney found in their 2010 study that anxiety/tension decreased by 37%, along with a 58% decrease in depression from having more plants throughout the office.

Not only that, but since plants absorb gas within the air we don’t need, this provides a better breathing environment for your employees.

Overall, plants and greenery, regardless of size, can help overall with employee engagement.



We’re positive that your employees have mentioned at least once that a dog in the office would be beneficial; they are not wrong.

One huge benefit of having a pet within the workplace is that it reduces stress and provide a more nurturing environment.

The mood of your employees is guaranteed to be boosted, especially if there is a dog waltzing around the office.

We are firm believers that dogs and other pets can help boost employee morale.

Not only will pets lift the mood in the office, but it will also create a more relaxed and comfortable office; overall improving employee performance as they feel much happier being there.


Breakout Areas

Breakout areas are small areas within the office that your employees can go to have a short break from their desk.

Whether you want a full room, or a small cornered off section in the corner with a sofa, break out areas are great for boosting employee performance.

Your employees will be able to visit the breakout area to have a small break from their desks, allowing them to spend a short amount of time gathering their thoughts.

These areas are known for increasing the morale of the employees because it gives a small space within the office that is away from their work.

Alternatively, it gives your employees the option to work away from their desk, provided they have a laptop.

By working in a different environment, this can help boost productivity for your employees.


Quiet Pods

Following on from the previous point, quiet soundproofed pods are a great way to improve employee performance.

There are times where some employees’ can get stressed with their workload or get easily distracted when they have deadlines to reach.

By creating these quiet pods with a desk in, this creates a new workspace for your employees if they have a lot of work on and do not want to get distracted.

They are also great for when an employee has a phone call.

This way, your employees have a soundproofed area that they are able to make and take calls in, which is still within the office itself.

The quiet pods would help boost productivity and performance for your employees as it gives those who need it an area that is away from all distractions within the office; This allows your employees to perform at a much more productive level.


In conclusion, you could apply all of these points to your office when considering the new layout, or just pick out one of them.

Remember, your employees are a core addition to your business, so ensuring they feel comfortable in their work environment would help the overall performance of the business.

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