Best Office Breakout Furniture

Jo Horbury

building interiors group

Office breakout areas – a great escape from your office desk.

Breakout areas are becoming increasing popular in modern office design. Attitudes are changing as business owners and management wise up to how the present-day workforce want to work.

What is a breakout area?

Breakout areas describe a separate designated space/area within your office, they are designed to give employees a different environment to work in, relax, hold informal meetings or brainstorms.

Companies such as Google and Skype are famous for taking their breakout areas to the next level. Full to the brim with art installations, pool tables, mass’ of modern futuristic furniture and bright spaces, their designs worthy of awards. Not everyone has a large budget like the power houses, however the principles still stand. Colour, sun-light filled, comfortable furniture and a space away from the traditional desk can do wonders for employee wellbeing and productivity.

One of our clients recently refurbed an old and tired canteen into a fun & funky space with the aim of bringing together departments from different buildings. Once we refurbished the area, they started weekly Table football and Fifa tournaments and also a monthly social evening. The outcome has been a really successful integration of different departments throughout the company.

Breakout areas are extremely popular in the majority of our installations, we take a look at some of the best furniture to include when designing your space.


Peek & Boo

Sounds intriguing, exclusively designed by Boss Designs, the Peek & Boo is a contemporary duo set of chairs. Said to “reflect the change towards a comfortable, informal working environment where single person work booths are the norm.”

Use independently for privacy in comfort, or alongside each other as a collaborative environment. The super sleek, stylist yet professional looking units will be sure to impress in any office.

Available in a variety of colours and finishes, this compact thinking space can fit into your office environment seamlessly.

aden chair



Armchairs to Amaze

Another design from one off our fantastic suppliers, orangebox have nailed the perfect balance between practical and showstopper with the ‘Aden’.

The Aden armchair is characterised by its high-backed design. Its upholstered structure shell comes with a softer, fixed cushion. This section can then be customised with a range of fabric sections and prints – go as bold as you dare.




Huddle Pods

Huddle pods create a private office within your office. These pods are brilliant if you have a large office as they offer a solution to divide the space effectively.

Our friends at Elite Furniture provide Huddle pods that can be configured to mould into your office space. Elites forward thinking designs have even caught the eye Google, who have used their office furniture for their London HQ.

The screens allow for privacy and can be designed to many different specifications. From 45 to 90-degree pods, the spaces can accommodate standing or seating set ups.

You can even use several to design a mixed huddle pod, a collection that will give different options and layouts, suitable for a multitude of tasks. 

Office breakout areas



Investing in breakout rooms and areas are a brilliant way to show your staff you are committed and invested in making their working environment as comfortable as possible.

To speak with a representative about how to implement a breakout area within your office, get in contact today.