Office Trends for 2020 to Look Out For

Jo Horbury

Although we are already three months into 2020, it’s still never too late to show the ever-changing office trends for this year.

We have examined the needs of our clients and what we expect to make a huge impact on the commercial interior community this year to come up with our favourite trends for 2020.

colourful orange office


It is known that the trend previously, whether in a commercial office or in your home, that it has been all about the monochrome greys, black and whites.

Moving into 2020, we expect to see a lot more colour creeping into the likes of many offices across the UK.

Colour not only brightens up the room, it also reflects on the mood of the office too.

This does not mean that you have to paint all of your wall’s bright fuchsia, it could mean that you start introducing colour through office décor; plant pots, furniture, lamps, artwork etc.

The grey, white and black colour scheme is still very much in fashion, however the rise of colour features throughout the office is starting to take over.

Adding colour into your workspace can further improve productivity within your employees, as well as creating a more welcoming atmosphere that can make your workforce feel more comfortable at their workspaces.


Of course, we must include plants and greenery within this blog, as we think this provides a completely different atmosphere within offices.

Adding small hints of plants and greenery is proven to boost productivity within employees, and further adds to a better breathing space for the office.

Not only this but adding plants to your workspace can also add character to a workspace and make the office a more comfortable working space.

Alternatively, flower and greenery walls are making a huge impact in all types of industries.

These walls, primarily made from fake flowers and greenery, give an office a far more relaxed environment and can boost creativity through your employees.

plants and a macbook
macbook on a desk


This isn’t essentially an office trend, but it is definitely worth mentioning. Flexible workspaces are becoming extremely popular in modern working life.

Having the flexibility to work from anywhere is a fantastic option to boost employee engagement and morale.

This can be from providing additional remote workspaces throughout your office or providing the flexibility to work from home a certain amount of times per month.

This has become considerably popular in recent times, especially since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, many corporations and

small companies are now providing this flexible working environment to their employees.

In 2020, we will definitely see an increase in flexible working throughout corporate and creative industries, which has also been proven to reduce poor mental health within employees.


Hanging lights, industrial style tables and stained wood, all very much in fashion in commercial office spaces for 2020.

The ‘rustic’ office style has become increasingly popular over the past few years and continues into 2020 with many creative and corporate industries offering this style in their offices.

We see this trend continuing into the future, as it provides bold features and accents to provide a more comfortable and stylish workspace.

We have provided this style of office to many of our clients, showing the increasing demand for the rustic vibe

rustic style office

There are many more styles that we will see trending in 2020, but we wanted to just name a few. If you are considering transforming your workspace, get in contact with us!

Let us know your requirements and we can get you on track to your ideal office interior.