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At Building Interiors, we are trusted for delivering stylish, functional, comfortable and affordable office furniture solutions for businesses in a wide range of business sectors.

Office furniture should always be a key consideration for any office interior. Office furniture helps to define your company image, significantly affects the productivity and focus of your employees as well as impacting upon the quality of work that is produced.

Tailored to your space, brand and needs

Taking into account brand, colour, size, space, needs and requirements, our office furniture solutions are tailored to your business and are designed to create powerful impressions on both prospective clients and employees.

We can provide an office furniture solution for your business using a wide range of office furniture including:

Office Chairs – Design and comfort are two factors you should be considering when it comes to choosing new office chairs for your desks, boardrooms and reception areas. Chairs that are comfortable and look good, not only reduce work related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSDs), but improve employee productivity and boost office morale. Find out more.

Office Storage – A cluttered office equals a cluttered mind. We can provide you with practical storage solutions that not only organise your space, but make that space look beautiful. Who said storage can’t be trendy? From inspiring creative minds to wowing office visitors, we can provide you with your ideal office storage. Find out more

Office Desks & Tables – Updating your desks and tables in your workplace can transform the space into something entirely new. Having different types of work stations are imperative to the modern day office, and have proven to improve employee efficiency and promote staff collaboration. At Building Interiors, we can provide you with a wide range of desk and table styles to choose from, providing strategic advice at every stage of the decision. Find out more.

Office Lighting – When considering an office refurbishment or new fit out, maximising the amount of natural light is key, but it also goes hand in hand with choosing your office lighting. It’s not always possible to allow natural light to flow into every nook and cranny of your workplace, so we can provide you with either LED or LG7 Lighting to brighten up your office. Find out more

 Partnered for your benefit

We partner with high end furniture manufacturers and it is through these partnerships we can ensure that your business receives only the highest quality and we get the best prices that we pass on to you.

Our Furniture Suppliers

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Minimum disruption to your business

Our specialist fitting team ensure that your office furniture is installed smoothly and seamlessly into your business both on-time and on-budget with the minimum disruption to business practices.

If you would like an office furniture solution that is tailor-made for your business then contact our specialist team today.


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