Modular Office Partitions

Modular Office Partitions

If you require a versatile, multi-purpose office space then with Building Interiors our experienced team can deliver you a Modular Office Partitioning solution that will meet your needs and requirements.

Modular office partitioning solutions allow you to modify and adapt your workspace based around your needs. Whether you require a dedicated office space or you need to create an open plan feel, with a modular office partitioning system this can all be achieved.

Why Modular Office Partitioning systems?

There are numerous benefits to businesses choosing a modular office partitioning system:

  • Demountable systems that can easily be relocated
  • Cost-effective including reduced labour cost
  • Easy to install meaning limited disruption
  • Modular construction
  • Very adaptable to future change and growth

We provide a number of modular office partitioning systems including but not exclusive to:

Folding Wall Systems

Folding wall systems are made up of panels which interlock to form a partition wall. By delivering the transition between dedicated workspace and open plan environment they provide the ideal solution for creating a versatile office space.

Sliding doors & screens

Making the best use of available space, sliding doors open up confined areas, giving them a more professional and productive feel.  We deliver a wide variety of door and sidelight combinations that provide the versatility needed to create unique office environments.

If you would like a modular office partitioning system from Building Interiors then contact us today.