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At Building Interiors we provide an extensive range of top of the range office desks and tables and our tailored approach means that we consider your office space, brand image and budget to create a functional, productive and engaging working environment.

Maximise space, maximise productivity

We design our furniture solutions aligning your business and employee needs with the available office space at your disposal. By fully utilising design, function and space in your office to create stylish and attractive work spaces, your employees will become more engaged and productive.

Office desks and tables can transform the look of your office and give your employees more room to work improving your efficiency, morale and overall performance. Old desks are often incredibly heavy, cumbersome and can be set up ineffectively. We are specialists in office furniture and we know how to get the most out of your office space.

Office Desks UK

Desk and table ranges

In transforming your office space we can utilise a vast number of desking styles dependent on what best suits the needs of your business and employees.

  • Bench desking
  • Sit/stand desking
  • Cantilever desking
  • Pod desking
  • Height adjustable desking
  • Boardroom tables
  • A-frame Desking
  • Panel end desking

Sit/Stand & Height Adjustable Desks

Sit/stand & height adjustable desks are being incorporated into a wide variety of office interiors as firms are looking to boost employee well-being. Height adjustable desks enable you to alter desk height to adequately suit seating positions. Sit/stand desks go a step further and permit you to go from being seated to standing up.

Concerns about consistently sitting having negative impacts on employee health are widespread and both these desking options provide solutions promoting health and weight loss.

Our experience in the industry means that we can deliver you the highest quality and latest desking technologies. We can deliver a wide range of sit/stand and height adjustable desks to match the needs and environment of your office.

Functional and Stylish

The number one priority with desking solutions is that they work on a functional level to enable your employees to complete their work effectively and productively. At Building Interiors, by tailoring our solution to your business we deliver on both function and style making your business effective and attractive.

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