Office Chairs

At Building Interiors, we deliver a wide range of stylish, functional, ergonomic and comfortable office chairs. We can cater for all office spaces, styles and budgets. Also, our partnerships with Mobili and Elite Office Furniture ensure that you receive high quality and price assurance benefits.

Comfort by design

Sitting comfortably at work is important with employees spending large periods of time at their computer or desk. Using office chairs with poor support can be bad for productivity and also negatively affect your health.

Modern office chairs are designed to be incredibly comfortable and are ergonomically designed to help improve your posture. We sell a range of quality office chairs and we can advise your business on the best option for you within your budget.

As well as being comfortable our office chairs solutions add style to any office environment. Using your office space, brand and budget as a start-point we will tailor the perfect solution for your business.

We also deliver a wide range of business critical seating solutions including:

  • Boardroom chairs,
  • Meeting room chairs
  • Reception seating


Agile Working Environments & Soft Seating

Following the trend of agile working environments, the importance of break-out areas is becoming increasingly significant providing your employees with areas to work collaboratively meaning that they are not confined to their desk.

Soft seating has emerged as one of the ‘must have’ recent trends in office furniture as businesses are placing greater emphasis on design and staff well-being. Working with a number of key furniture vendors we deliver a wide range of exciting and stylish soft seating that will add practical and design benefits to any office space.

Our soft seating solutions are ideal for lounges, receptions and breakout areas. There are multiple styles of soft seating we provide, including:

    • Huddle pods
    • Seating booths
    • Stools
    • Chairs
    • Sofas


Bespoke Seating

We can also create bespoke furniture solutions if the design of your office space has unique requirements.

If you would like a tailored, stylish and functional office chair or seating solution then contact our specialist team today at 0113 3891070.

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